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Staffing Services

  • Maintenance of power panels.
  • Maintenance of light fixture, power points etc.
  • Detection and rectification of any abnormalities in the smooth functioning electrical fitting.
  • Water management like continuous checking of water pressure, meter reading operational costs, inflow /outflow center.
  • Maintenance of W.C, Flush tanks various values etc.
  • Detection and rectification of any leakage in plumping line.
House keeping Services
  • Daily Sweeping and moping of all floor area on continuous basis with quality cleaning materials.
  • Cleaning and moping of all rest rooms at regular intervals with quality materials.
  • Cleaning furniture with dry clothes.
  • Dusting and Cleaning of glass doors, windows, light fittings, sign boards, telephones etc.
  • Collection and disposal of garbage waste papers at regular intervals.
  • Scrubbing the floor tiles on weekly basis.
Garden Maintenance
  • Maintenance of lawn / garden / landscape/ roads.
  • Watering the graduation areas daily at regular intervals.
  • Planting and cutting shrubs.
Pest Control
    Provision of pest control services against mosquitoes, cockroach etc.
Labour Contracting (Outsourcing)
    Supply of man power at various categories, office assistants, attendants, drives, telephone operations. Data entry operators, welders, filters, front office assistants, HR & Admin Assistants.
Elevator Operations
  • Attending to the lift as per company timings.
  • Proper co-ordination with the OEM's who area having service contract with our clients.
  • D.G sets operator
  • Daily test & keep the generator in good working condition.
  • Ensure the generator batteries are always charges and tested daily.
Man Power Information
    We employ skilled, semi-skilled & unskilled personal on our team to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety with available resources and as per contractual obligations sites. We also have personal training and familiarization programs in which we
  • Familiarization the staff with the work sties and try to identify critical area of work which have to be rectified.
  • Train the various unskilled personal on how to utilize different equipment respective jobs.
  • Ensure that the staff carry out jobs as per assignment schedules.
  • Ensure that the staff is well groomed, well behaved and disciplined at all times.
Security Services
    Our Security personnel are specially trained to perform the following duties : -
  • Entrance gate keeping.
  • Checking Identity of staffs, workmen, visitors and patrons.
  • Exit gate keeping.
  • Maintaining guest register and other such registers.
  • Material movement / Courier.
  • Emergency gate operations.
  • Assisting in emergency situations.
  • Operate generators.
  • Patrolling the area.
Where We Provide Our services -
  • Commercial / Office Location
  • Industrial / Manufacturing / Warehousing Location
  • Retail Location
  • Restaurant / Pantry /Cafeteria Location
  • Educational Institution Location
  • Apartment / Shopping Mall
  • Guest Houses
  • Hotels and Entertainment parks, etc